November 12, 2018
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November 29, 2018
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World’s only quantitative POCT based on Up-converting Phosphor Technology (UPT)

Ideal Solution for your laboratory to offer inhouse specialised test range


Rapid | Precise | Long shelf life test cartridge
Offers comprehensive test menu



Up-converting phospher technology (UPT) is a kind of immune detection technology that combine immunochromatograpic principle with photoelectric conversion principle.it uses up-converting phosphor particles (ucps) as tracer, after being excited by infrared light,the UCP’s emit visible light, achieving the up-conversion of energy. then get quantitative detection of the test sample rapidly via the conversion of light signals.


  • Unique “Up-converting Phosphor” Technology.
  • Luminescence method, Fully quantitative.
  • Reagent stored at 4~30°C, no need of refrigeration.
  • Easy Operation.
  • Rapid, get results in 3~20 minutes.
  • Multi-item detection.
  • Single or bulk test(can reach 100 Tests/Hour).
  • Compact Analyzer
  • Accurate results can be comparable with the Central Lab.
  • Support print results directly or upload to the Hospital LIS system

Available Parameters